Transnational Current Situation Analysis

Del. 3.1 Common WFD Implementation of FWC Recovery

Del. 3.2 Water & Energy Audit

Del. 3.3 Transnational Climate Change Impacts Assessment & SWOT Analysis

Common Methodologies and Tools

Del. 4.1 Water Pricing under FWC recovery

Del. 4.2 Water Auditing towards cost effective water use & volume efficiency

Del. 4.3 Energy Efficiency and Recovery

Joint Pilot Actions

Del. 5.1 Ex-Ante Water efficiency evaluation

Del. 5.2 Ex-Post Water efficiency evaluation

Del. 5.3 Transnational Pilot Actions

Del. 5.4 Ex-Ante Energy Recovery evaluation

Del. 5.5 Ex-Post Energy Recovery evaluation

Transnational Strategy, Policy Recommendation & Sustainability

Del. 6.1 Water Pricing Policy Recommendation

Del. 6.2 Water Efficiency Policy Recommendation

Del. 6.3 Energy Recovery Policy Recommendation

Del. 6.4 Transnational Strategy, Policy Recommendation & Sustainability Action Plan