June 27-28, 2018, Lefkada - Greece

During the 3rd EWaS International Conference, one parallel technical workshop (WATenERgy CYCLE) took place in Lefkada (June 2018).

More specifically, University of Thessaly participated as project partner in the implementation of «WATenERgy CYCLE – Urban water full cycle: from its source to its end-users and back to the environment» a project by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries.
WATenERgy CYCLE is a project that unites 8 partners and 2 associates from 5 countries in the Balkanmed area. WATenERgy CYCLE is a valuable & unique joint-tool for the design, preparation & implementation of an integrated multi-level approach in the urban (short term), rural & industrial (midterm) environment, promoting a Europe of worth living solidarity. A number of rational activities (networking, pilot actions, partner’s exchanges & meetings, training workshops) in the fields of innovation & environment are the main outputs. The demonstration of the joint innovative technologies & tools (developed & tested, 6 innovative joint implemented pilot actions) enhances the capitalization of the PPs’ experience. Through transnational strategy & policy recommendation, national & regional authorities, water & industrial operators, agricultural associations, & the general public benefit. The basic approach is a synergy of 3 EU MS & 2 IPA countries, due to common river basin management, WFD implementation strategy & climate change vulnerability, promoting a holistic approach, raising a number of shared technical challenges.

water is a precious social good; let’s treat it wisely 
“every drop counts & its value exceeds by far its real cost”

The implementation of this technical workshop during the 3rd EWaS International Conference in Lefkada, established a unique platform for transnational networking of stakeholders/experts (research, industry, policy makers, consumers, technology providers, water providers) sharing knowledge & experiences (know-how) regarding innovative technologies for WSS developments aiming at long term stability & security.